Google DevFest 2010


  1. Lecture Sessions
    1. Introduction to Android and Key Froyo Features
    2. HTML5 in Chrome
    3. The New Social Web: It’s about Open Standards
    4. Maps API on Mobile
  2. Panel Discussion
    1. Google Employee & Internship Experience
      1. Lisa Trongprakob (Engineer)
      2. Nuttaporn Voonglinhom (Internship)
    2. Entrepreneurship Panel
      • Dr. Jay VCThailand
      • Pawoot
      • Nattawat Woranopakul Country Manager HTC Thailand
  3. Lab Sessions
    1. Android UI Patterns
    2. Performance Tuning Tips and Lab Exercise
    3. Getting Started with Google Maps API v3
    4. Building a Chrome Extension with HTML5 Technology

Lecture Sessions
Introduction to Android and Key Froyo Features
Speaker: Tony Chan

Android has gained a lot of momentum since launch.  This session aims to provide an overview of the momentum, SDK, new features, and distribution through Android Market.

HTML5 in Chrome
Speaker: Arne Roomann-Kurrik

HTML5 rocks!  But what exactly is it, and when can I use it?  “HTML5” is commonly used to refer to a large set of specifications, many of which are still changing.  This talk will focus on Chrome’s implementation of these specifications, including real-world demos of technologies you can start using today.

The New Social Web: It’s about Open Standards
Speaker: Timothy Jordan

The Social Web is increasingly relying on open standards to exchange information.  This is bringing more and more services together and simplifying the landscape for developers.  In this session we’ll review several of the most significant open standards including Activity Streams, OAuth, and PubSubHubbub.  We’ll then dive into the Google Buzz API for an example of how they are implemented and used.  We’ll wrap up with a look at some existing applications, examples, and starter projects as well as a brief Q&A.

Maps API on Mobile
Speaker: Shawn Shen

This talk will cover mapping options on mobile phones with Google Maps API family, take a deep dive into implementing mobile maps inside embedded browsers in Android and iPhone native applications using Maps Javascript API V3, and highlight use cases of Google Maps technologies in location-based social applications.DevFest Slides

Panel Discussion
Entrepreneurship Panel
Panelists:, LevelUp, VCThailandIntroduction: Alan NobleIn this panel, you’ll be able to hear from investors and different kinds of entrepreneurs to learn about how to innovate and successfully start your own company.
Lab Sessions
All attendees are expected to have their own laptop computers and power supplies to participate in the lab sessions. For all lab sessions, check pre-requisites. Lab sessions will take place in the classrooms outside the auditorium. Note that the Android lab sessions also include some lecture material that goes deeper into a specific topic. All seating is first come, first served and availability is not guaranteed.
For help with Android pre-requisites, see below:Installing the SDKScreencast (Linux) Screencast (Mac OS X) Screencast (Windows)
Download the lab session source code:Voice InputAndroid UI Patterns
Speaker: Ken LiuAndroid UI design has evolved over time.  This talk covers the latest UI patterns leveraged by some of the most popular Android apps out there.Pre-requisites: None. Lecture content.
Performance Tuning Tips and Lab Exercise
Speaker: Ken LiuThe mobile device has limited memory and CPU resources. This session will share a few tips and best practices to fine tuning your application performance with just a few small code changes. Pre-requisites: Familiarity with Java, Android SDK installed, Eclipse installed, Android Plug-in for Eclipse installed
Getting Started with Google Maps API v3
Speaker: Shawn ShenThis lab session gets you up to speed with the Maps API V3 through a series of simple, yet fun, exercises.  No previous knowledge experience with mapping APIs are assumed or required. However, you are expected to be familiar with the following technologies:
HTML + CSSJavaScriptHTTP ServicesJSON
Through various exercises, you’ll become more familiar with core Maps API objects which are essential to building an interactive Maps application.
Building a Chrome Extension with HTML5 Technology
Speaker: Arne Roomann-Kurrik






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